Welcome Message

The Vice-Chancellor and President

Prof. Paul Omojo Omaji

Welcome to the Admiralty University of Nigeria.

The motto of the Admiralty University of Nigeria (ADUN)—‘Excellence in Education’—derives naturally from the expertise and efforts of every member of its academic community and dedication to service by its key founder, the Nigerian Navy.

At ADUN, we believe in the role and significance of entrepreneurship for personal development, and are aware how much this is important for the nation’s success. Our prominent and acknowledged faculty are accessible to mentor and guide you through your studies. Here, you will be given the support to develop your ideas, knowledge, skills and initiatives. Our aim is to help you understand and prepare for the challenges in the world of commerce, sciences, maritime, information technology, and public life; to help you develop into the nation’s next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs, and to assist you to become the driving forces for shaping tomorrow’s Nigeria, Africa, and the world toward positive transformative impact.

ADUN supports a modern European and American inspired curriculum with emphasis on skills acquisition, industry-readiness and a must-learn focus on information technology. Small class sizes and a guaranteed uninterrupted academic calendar enable you to graduate on schedule. You also have access to options to complete part of your degree study at partner universities in Europe, the UK, EURASIA as well as the USA.

ADUN offers a serene campus with areas for recreational and sports activities. You will enjoy access to state-of-the-art information technology resources in addition to an exclusive access to exceptional Nigerian Navy engineering laboratories. Modern cafés, restaurants serving Nigerian and International cuisine, comfortable en-suite hostels, an on-campus 1,500-seat capacity international venue for football, track and field athletics facilities, tennis and basketball courts, as well as a health care centre, are all provided on campus. ADUN supports a Wi-Fi enabled campus and your security is guaranteed 24-hours-seven days a week, by the Nigerian Navy.

A university should not just be a place that provides textbook-based education, same as a library is not simply a place where books are neatly arranged on shelves! We are committed to providing you a place where you will exchange ideas, views and experiences with fellow students, your professors and many international experts. At ADUN you will be part of a wider academic community that has its basis on the common values of honesty, integrity, responsibility, partnership, respect for diversity, professionalism, open-mindedness, community involvement and globalisation engagement.

My colleagues and I look forward to helping you create your own unique stories and many meaningful moments at ADUN, which you will be proud of.

Once again, you are highly welcome to Admiralty University of Nigeria.