Transfer Students

Students who have successfully completed college/university level coursework prior to their acceptance to ADUN should submit official transcripts with their application. Transfer credits are evaluated by the Registrar’s Office, in consultation with the appropriate Deans prior to ADUN enrollment.

Grades earned in courses accepted for transfer will not be included in the GPA of the student at ADUN. However, the credits earned will be counted towards the total number required for graduation and only courses where students earned a grade of ‘C-‘ or higher will be considered for transfer to ADUN. A maximum of 30 credit hours from accredited institutions of higher learning may be accepted and used to satisfy major and general education requirements.

All students who have completed 2 years or more or have completed 60 transferable credit hours and above from an accredited university with a CGPA of 2.0/4.0 or higher OR 2.5/5.0 or higher will be admitted without having to present the University with any high school or examination documentation. Students who do not meet the above mentioned criteria must apply with their high school credentials. ADUN may allow a maximum of 30 credits to transfer that are recorded on a pass/fail basis.

ADUN reserves the right to deny credit for any courses taken at other institutions for any reason. Courses taken more than 7 years prior to acceptance will require additional review. Only those courses that are comparable to ADUN courses in content and rigor may be approved for transfer.

For students transferring credits from a university on a quarter system, may receive 2/3 of an ADUN credit hour for each quarter hour earned. For example, four quarter hours from a transfer institution equals 2.67 credit hours at ADUN. ADUN may allow a maximum of 12 credits to transfer that are recorded on a pass/fail basis.