We help you to stand out from other graduates in the job market to turn you into a job creator not a job seeker.

Preparing you for a successful career
Preparing you for a successful career is central to the design of our courses and the support we provide. We focus on the employability of our students and have a range of industry-leading initiatives which can help to prepare you for employment. The majority of our courses also offer the opportunity to apply for work experience in Nigeria or to travel abroad for part of you degree.

Developing Entrepreneurship
In today’s competitive jobs’ market you need more than a degree, more than basic knowledge; You need an attitude. You need to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate how you’ve developed additional skills and experience on top of gaining a degree. Here at ADUN, we have a range of personal development experiences that help give you a competitive edge.

Excellent teaching is fundamental to everything we do
We care about the quality of our teaching. We maximise the contact hours you get and invest in academic staff posts so that the staff to student ratio is conducive to learning. You will experience teaching that is designed to be dynamic, interactive, stimulating and brings your subject alive. There is much attention tot he use of technology in classrooms as well as the use of flip-classroom approach to accessing lectures and information.

Placing the course at the centre of your academic experience
Your classmates and the lecturers who teach on the course will form the community of learning you will join. You will have a personal tutor who will help you settle in to your course and review your academic progress regularly. We make sure you get the opportunity to apply the knowledge you gain to real problems drawn from working life.

Flipped Learning
Rapidly advancing Information technology is encompassing and changing all aspects of our lives from how we interact with each other, the way we read books, the way we order food, the way we chat with friends or how we come together for a business meeting. Classroom education, as we know it at school, has been the same for over 900 years – should this not change with the times? You will have access to all course matrerials, lecturers notes, e-books, and relevant videos before your lecture. You will be able to study the material before class and use your time in class to absorb the course material and ask questions. All these will be available up untill your exams – imagine you can revised any lecture at any time, access to all materials from the first to the last week of lectures for your mid-term and final exams.

All students at ADUN are encouraged to become global graduates. Employers tell us that they are more likely to hire graduates who have had an international experience and bring a global outlook to their work. Our Centre for Global Engagement offers you the opportunity to study or work abroad. You can gain international experience and the skills and attributes to become globally employable.

Taught by Academics and Industry Professionals
No one knows it better than the experts, that’s why we employ academics and industry professionals, to ensure you learn the necessary theory and practical elements needed to enterthe workplace.

Professionally Accredited Courses
Where possible, we tailor our degree courses to include content from professionally accredited courses. This means whilst you’re studying for your degree, you could also be working towards a professional qualification which aswell as a degree may help to give you an edge in the graduate market.

A rewarding Student life
Your university experience needs to be enjoyable to be worth it. University is like nothing else you have had before, there is much more freedom, but also guidance and opportunities to expand your skills and networking. These can be mixed together to make an enjoyable experience. Each student is different and can gain satisfaction from varying activities. At ADUN we support a breadth of societies, activities, and events throughout the year to help offer students more than their scheduled timetables.

Fee free year – professional practice year
Most of our courses offer you the opportunity to undertake up to a year in industry. And best of all, it’s free; so gaining extra experience won’t cost you extra. Put your university knowledge and skills to the test, and apply your learning to the workplace after your second year of studies, with the support of our Careers and Employability Service.

Student Internship Scheme
ADUN’s Student Internship Scheme is open to all students and provides up to 100 hours of work experience, which fits in and around your studies. Many of the internships are offered on a voluntary basis, but some can be paid, or cover expenses.

Volunteer your time
The ADUN’s volunteering service enables you to get hands-on experience, whilst making a positive difference. There are various opportunities available, and we can help you find volunteer work related to your studies. Teach children to read and write, propose local development projects, deliver community lectures and much more.


ADUN operates from two Campuses (Ibuzo and Sapele) in Delta State. A newly build Campus of 100 hectures is located in Ibuso, only 15km from Asaba, the Capital of Delta State The second Campus, of 115 hectures is neignbouring the Nigerian Navy Engineering College only 5km fromthe established and vibrant market town of Sapele along the banks of Benin River with its river control tower imposing the skyline – the tallest decommissioned river control tower in the world.

Both Campuses,and their surrounding area, offer a protected environment where you will find the peace and tranquility to study and enjoy student life. You will enjoy access to state-of-the-art information technology resources in addition to an exclusive access to exceptional Nigerian Navy engineering laboratories.

Campus facilities

ADUN’s main Library offers a range of modern study environments. With thousands of books, print journals and journal titles and a range of multimedia resources, it provides a focal point for student learning and information access. The Library Student Support team is available to support students with finding information, referencing and digital literacy. Our Academic Writing Service offers all students advice and guidance on essay writing. Maths support is also available for those wanting to improve their maths skills.

In the centre of the Ibuso campus is a student building, which provides a vibrant home for Students activities as well as a range of other services all under one roof. These include employability and career counselling services.

Life at ADUN is more than a one-dimensional academic experience. The University offers a friendly, welcoming community where students become involved in their favourite activities and are encouraged to try new ones.

Students can choose from a variety of extracurricular learning experiences, such as, depate clubs, sports, community service, , literary and drama societies and IT. Our clubs and societies host a diverse range of events throughout the year all of which are open to all students and include a games day, cultural and music concerts, international cultural programmes and mass media events.

These activities provide opportunities for students to enhance their interpersonal skills in a relaxed and engaging manner in teamwork with peers and university staff.

Libraries and Study Facilities
ADUN continually invests in IT facilities and libraries across all Campuses. Expert staff can help you make the best use of the facilities and resources throughout your study. Most of the Campus libraries are open for long hours, giving you plenty of time to use the different types of study spaces and find and use the books, journals and other material you need.

Each library provides space for both formal and informal group work, as well as for quiet individual study. Wi-fi is available throughout to enable you to connect your own device to the network, and you can use networked PCs in each library to access online information resources including eBooks, electronic journals, databases, specialist software and other internet resources: most of these resources may also be accessed off Campus at any time.

IT Facilities
ADUN’s network of Microsoft Windows and Chrome powered PCs can be accessed from academic schools, libraries and halls of residence. This means that you are never very far away from your email, personal files, word processing and specialist software. Access to Campus internet resources are freely available to all registered students.

On campus there are large IT suites, which desktop computers and printers and laptops which are available for students to be used exclusively for educational purposes.

ADUN also supports a Wi-Fi enabled campus

ADUN has its very own American style Diner, coffee house and student lounge The Restaurant also serves Nigerian cuisine. Here you can relax, enjoy great food and play some pool and table-tennis.

Accommodation – Your Home from Home

Living away from home in student accommodation is a great way for you to make new friends and integrate quickly into university life.

ADUN has a good range of comfortable en-suit hostels, secured and reasonably priced for two students or Four students per room.

We know that you want a choice of accommodation options to suit your preferred lifestyle. We offer that choice and we have our own letting agency if you want to rent privately in the city. Our accommodation options include University-owned accommodation and private accommodation.

Safety and Security on Campus
Both Campuses in Ibusa and Sapele are friendly and safe place to live in and your security is guaranteed, 24-hours – seven days a week, by the Nigerian Navy.

The City
It’s an exciting time to be living in Delta right now. Two oft he key cities have been selected to host the campus of ADUN.

Ibuso is an exciting place to live with extensive arts, culture, heritage and plenty of events to keep you entertained. Sapele is a welcoming, friendly and safe city and the low cost of living makes it one of the most affordable for students too. In addition to lively sports events, there are cultural festivals, and a range of music and dance events hosted in both cities. Expect a rewarding student life!

Delta has a diverse range of shopping outlets for you to explore. It also has one of the oldest and largest markets in the region. You can also find a range of restaurants that serve Nigerian and international cuisine.

Cost of living
Delta is one of the most value for money and affortable States for the cost of living.

Health care centres
A day care health care centre and Pharmacy is located on campus at Ibuso Campus. An acute community health care facility, a microbiology lab and a state oft he art eye clinic is housed at the Sapele campus. Specialised clinics and Hospitals are available close to both campuses.


Sports involvement is a way of life at ADUN, and we provide you with the opportunities to play, create, coach or watch sports and recreational activities. If you love meeting new people then getting involved in the debate society will help you interact with others and raise your public speaking confidence; if you are longing for creativity you may choose to join the photography club; or if your passion is sports you may join one of the University’s teams.

Fitness Classes
We have a wide variety of drop-in fitness classes throughout the week, from Zumba to Circuits, Cycle-Fit to Yoga. Our classes are designed to be fun and to help you achieve your fitness goals. All classes are taught by qualified instructors

Fitness Support Service
This service provides members with support in the gym to ensure that they are getting the best out of their training. They will help you achieve your goals by creating an individually tailored programme. Nutritional information and Dieting is also one of the advices given out on supporting your new study-and-play lifestyle

Anyone looking to get involved in sport, physical activity and recreation has an array of opportunities available to choose from. You can play sport you already know, or try something new, you may practice your hobby or pick up a new interesting extracurricular activity – and all in all it is a great way to make new friends too. Sports at ADUN goes far beyond simply playing your chosen sport. Joint he Sport and Wellbeing weekly activities, mentored by the Nigerian’s elite coaches o keep fit and find the healthy spot in your study and life balance.

The Sports Centre offers a court suitable for volleyball, basketball and tennis. A swimming pool is also available at the Sapele campus, as well as are tennis and basketball courts. Also an on-campus 1,500 seats capacity international venue for football and track and field athletics facilities is also available at the Ibuso campus – come an a kick a football around – who knows you may even meet a Supper Eagle on the pitch!

Elite Athletic Scholarships
If you are serious about sports, the University funds talented students and Sport Ambassadors through the Elite Athletic Scholarship scheme.

Clubs and Societies

It is a great chance to discover a new talent and make friends. ADUN financially support more than 20 clubs and societies which are entirely organised by students, indicatively they include Athletics, Basketball, Dance, Debating, Enterprise, Football, Fitness, Judo and self-defence, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Literacy and Mass Media, Photography, international and european cookery to name but a few.

Student money advice
The Money Advice Team offers confidential advice and support from experienced advisers. If you have money worries the advisers are able to give you general advice on budgeting and will point you toward alternative sources of funding that may be available.

  • Medical Centre

The staff at the University’s Medical Centre are able to provide students with a caring and confidential service on a wide range of medical matters.