Career and Academic Support


Still not sure what to study? No problem!

All new ADUN students will have access to a Career Gaidance Psychometric evaluation. This tried-and-tested tool has been in use at top European and American universities for decates. It hels to diadnose your intersts and inclinations and to match this to your university studies and future professional career. The results will:

  • Identify hidden talents, professional inclinations, aptitudes, abilities, and special features of your personality.
  • Verify whether your personality can cope with the requirements of specific work environments or specialisations that requires University education.
  • Verify the practiced profession and the degree to which this is compatible with the personality of the individual.
  • Identify alternative vocational interests and occupational areas that are fully compatible with your personality.
  • Support tasks concerning recruitment, transfer and promotion, area of specialisation, placement in departments, vocational and career counselling, and general human resources management.

As a rerult you will be given your idividualised personal 20 page report (shown below) of a prioritised list of the 38 professions according to the best fit to you of the areas which you may choose to read at university. Of course this is an assessment tool and does not limit the options as to what you may choose to follow as your studies.


The wellbeing of our students is very important to us.

We have a well-developed network of support services to help and guide you during your time here.

ADUN is one of the only universities with a dedicated Student Support team. The Admissions Office provides a meet and greet service from Asaba airport, and can assist with course enrolment and registration. The Student Support team will continue to lend their support if required throughout your time at ADUN.

Student Information Desk
The Student Information Desk is the gateway to student services in one, convenient location. Desks are located across both of our campuses, where you can speak to someone face-to-face. Each friendly Desk adviser will listen to your problem and try to resolve it for you there and then, or assign it to someone who can. Student Information Desk delivers a range of services, from academic planning, study techniques to booking appointments with various departments, and providing useful information.

Academic Advising
If you are a first-year student or a transfer student, you will be assigned a first-year ADUN career/academic Advisor. Your Advisor will contact you several times throughout the year to help you develop a four-year degree plan and to create an academic and engagement plan and set goals to help you achieve your academic goals within and beyond the classroom environment. Each session is tailored to the your needs and focuses on general academic advising, academic planning, exam success strategies and extracurricular engagement planning and campus involvement.

Disability support
If you have a disability, a long-term medical condition or a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, you should contact our Disability Team. We will assist with study options and support you during your exams.

Counselling service
We provide professional counselling for students experiencing problems of a personal or emotional nature that may be interfering with their academic work and life. This is a dedicated confidential service provided by qualified councellor and psychologist.

Community and faith
Students of all faiths are welcome to ADUN.

Example of the Career Gaidance Psychometric evaluation Report