Research is at the heart of a University enterprise that enables an institution to contribute to the advancement of humanity. The Admiralty University of Nigeria promotes research that meets the social, economic, scientific and technological challenges of the Nigerian nation as well as the specialized maritime industry. The University aspires to be a leading center of basic and applied researches. It supports result-oriented, collaborative and other research efforts relevant to its vision, mission and objectives so as to promote basic, applied and competitive research works.



The research policy at ADUN is aimed at achieving excellence and innovation in all disciplines and programs to be offered. The philosophy is to foster in staff and students a missionary commitment to intellectual pursuit, innovation and self-reliance. Emphasis is on basic, applied and inter-disciplinary research to link theory to industry, production and professional engagement. All academic staff are expected to pursue research projects that are relevant to the socio-economic and technological challenges of the nation. Staff and students will receive incentives for originality and breakthroughs in theories, design and production.

Being a University with specialized programs in Maritime Studies and being situated in the Niger Delta of Nigeria, the research policy will also focus on peculiar environment and socio-economic characteristics of the region. Research projects will be devoted to the documentation and taxonomy of the region’s biodiversity resources and socio-cultural dynamics.

To develop a robust research tradition, the University will establish linkage programmes with reputable research centers and institutions in Nigeria and overseas. The programs will involve exchange of staff and students, shared research projects and funding, journals, publications, laboratory facilities, conferences and workshops. Research leave and sabbatical opportunities will be provided for academic, technical and administrative staff.



The objectives of research at the Admiralty University of Nigeria are aimed at meeting the knowledge, scientific and technological needs of Nigeria and globally through enhanced services delivery. The main research are to:

  • ensure and support the adoption of best practices in the conduct of research through the provision of excellent research facilities and national and international media for research publication;
  • support research development through a proactive capacity development scheme that actively engages staff and students in the research activities of the University;
  • identify, document, disseminate and prioritize the University’s research focus in various aspects of the maritime sector in a research agenda document;
  • incorporate and address the needs of various stakeholders and in particular the maritime sector and industry, into the research agenda of the University; and
  • institute research as the basis for the growth and development of the academic programs of the University.



Proper administration of the conduct of research at ADUN is the responsibility of the Research Grants Committee of the Senate. The committee ranks and approves research proposals for award of research grants. The Research Grants Committee is headed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

Faculty and departmental research committees is established by faculties to manage research activities at those levels. Academic staff is required to present research proposals to the Faculty and Departmental Research Committees for appraisal prior to such proposals being forwarded to the Research Grants Committee for consideration and approval. The Faculty and Departmental Research Committees is encouraging students to participate actively in research in addition to each student executing a research project as a requirement in partial fulfillment of their award of degree.



The capital intensive nature of research requires that Universities outline a sufficient budget line to support the conduct of quality research. As a result, the Admiralty University of Nigeria will set aside 7% of its total annual recurrent budget for the funding of research in line with the requirements of the National Universities Commission. The University will also source for grants for research and establish endowment fund for specific areas of research, innovations and inventions. Other sources of funding for research activities will include public and private organizations, philanthropists, international agencies, and consultancy services. ADUN will enter into linkage and exchange programs with distinguished local and international institutions and centers in order to attract funding and access to facilities for research, designs, inventions, patents and manufacture. The University will fund publication of journals, membership of learned societies, attendance of conference, workshops, etc.



The Admiralty University of Nigeria will allocate at least 3% of its annual recurrent grant to established organized research and development centers. These centers will be centers of excellence in their individual areas of mandate. ADUN will have two of such centers and may subsequently establish others. The organized research and development centers will include:

  • Center for Engineering Research and Innovation;
  • Center for Maritime Technology and Development;
  • Center for Nuclear Energy Research and Development; and
  • Marine Biodiversity Conservation Center.