Proposed Future Programs

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

B. A. English Literature
B. Sc. Political Science
B. A. Performing Arts
B. Sc. Sociology

Faculty of Management Sciences

B. Sc. Banking and Finance
B. Sc. Entrepreneurship
B. Sc. Marketing
B. Sc. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

Faculty of Science

B. Sc. Microbiology
B. Sc. Industrial Chemistry
B. Sc. Petroleum Chemistry
B. Sc. Information Systems
B. Sc. Information Technology
B. Sc. Industrial Physics

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

B. Eng. Automotive Engineering
B. Eng. Computer Engineering
B. Eng. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering
B. Eng. Naval Architecture and Ship Construction
B. Eng. Petroleum and Gas Engineering
B. Eng. Welding Engineering

Faculty of Law

LL. B.
Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
Private and Business Law
Property Law
Public and Constitutional Law

Faculty of Maritime Studies

B. Sc. Nautical Science
B. Sc. Navigation Technology
B. Sc. Port Management