General Studies and Entrepreneurship Development Unit

General Studies and Entrepreneurship Development (GSTED) Unit

The philosophy of the Unit is to produce morally and intellectually capable graduates with an enlightened vision, employability and entrepreneurial awareness & skills in an environment of peace and social harmony

Our mission is to:

  1. Coordinate the teaching of all General Studies (GST) courses.
  1. Empower ADUN students with all three basic Entrepreneurial skills:
  • Soft skills which include self-confidence, self-motivation, creativity, communication leadership, responsibility, networking, teamwork, positive thinking, idea generation, opportunities identification, negotiation, problem solving.  
  • Hard skills such as planning, presentation, ICT, feasibility analysis, business plan writing, business analysis, marketing, sales
  • Vocational skills such as fashion designing (tailoring, shoemaking, hair styling, makeup artist) event planning, art and craft, photography, video editing, catering, baking and pastry cosmetics).
  1. Train students to develop business ideas and entrepreneurial skills, and thus be self-employed after graduation.    
  1.  Prepare ADUN students for a post-University life with opportunities for job competencies and entrepreneurial skills.

Dr. Clara U. B. Agbara, HEAD OF UNIT


Assisting students to improve their communicative skills and develop self-reliance;

Inculcating a general knowledge of Nigerian society in its cultural, social and religious diversity;

Aiding students to understand the principles and basic tenets of science and the scientific process;

Inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship in Admiralty Students;

Exposition of students to Business visibility studies;

Training of students’ in vocational skills.


Dr. Clara U. B. Agbara

Mr Augustine Okolobi