In order to realise the mission of the Admiralty University of Nigeria to advance the frontiers of human knowledge to solve the myriads of problems facing humanity, the Academic Brief of the University included the Law programme as an important branch of knowledge to be offered by the University. Consequently, the Senate of the University in September 2019 approved the establishment of the Law programme, and the Registrar accordingly notified the National Universities Commission (NUC) of the decision and invited them to conduct a resource verification visit for the establishment of the Faculty. The NUC’s approval for Admiralty University of Nigeria to commence the Faculty of Law in the 2021/2022 academic session was conveyed on 27th October 2021. Meanwhile, the Admiralty University of Nigeria on 10th November 2020 sought the approval of the Council of Legal Education (hereinafter ‘CLE’) to commence the Faculty of Law, and the CLE responded with a checklist of conditions and guidelines to enable it (CLE) visit to assess the University’s readiness to commence the Law programme.

Consequently, upon NUC’s approval of the establishment of the Faculty of Law in October 2021, the Admiralty University immediately in November 2021 invited the CLE to conduct its own resource verification visit to enable the University commence academic activities in the 2021/2022 academic session.
The faculty of law having gotten approval from NUC (2021) AND CLE (2022) is poised to train Nigerian Lawyers for global market. Admiralty University of Nigeria faculty of law offers an LLB (Degree) Hons: Legon Baca aural that would prepare her students for the law school in any of the existing law schools campuses in Nigeria leading to the award of Barrister of Law (B.L). ADUN Faculty of Law becomes mandated to train legal minds fitting in character and learning.
Interestingly, the CLE gave its approval for the commencement of the faculty of law proper in November, 2022. The approval of CLE signalled the birth of the Law programme leading to the award of LLB (Legion Baca aural) Hon Degree in Law.

The Faculty has two departments. These Departments include:

Department of Public and Private Law (PPL)

Department of Jurisprudence and International Law ( JIL)