Campus Life

Safety and Security on Campus
Both Campuses in Ibusa and Sapele are friendly and safe place to live in and your security is guaranteed, 24-hours – seven days a week, by the Nigerian Navy.

The City
It’s an exciting time to be living in Delta right now. Two of the key cities have been selected to host the campus of ADUN.

Ibuso is an exciting place to live with extensive arts, culture, heritage and plenty of events to keep you entertained. Sapele is a welcoming, friendly and safe city and the low cost of living makes it one of the most affordable for students too. In addition to lively sports events, there are cultural festivals, and a range of music and dance events hosted in both cities. Expect a rewarding student life!

Delta has a diverse range of shopping outlets for you to explore. It also has one of the oldest and largest markets in the region. You can also find a range of restaurants that serve Nigerian and international cuisine.

Cost of living
Delta is one of the most value for money and affordable States for the cost of living.

Health care centres
A day care health care centre and Pharmacy is located on campus at Ibuso Campus. An acute community health care facility, a microbiology lab and a state of the art eye clinic is housed at the Sapele campus. Specialized clinics and Hospitals are available close to both campuses.


Sports involvement is a way of life at ADUN, and we provide you with the opportunities to play, create, coach or watch sports and recreational activities. If you love meeting new people then getting involved in the debate society will help you interact with others and raise your public speaking confidence; if you are longing for creativity you may choose to join the photography club; or if your passion is sports you may join one of the University’s teams.

Anyone looking to get involved in sport, physical activity and recreation has an array of opportunities available to choose from. You can play sport you already know, or try something new, you may practice your hobby or pick up a new interesting extracurricular activity – and all in all it is a great way to make new friends too. Sports at ADUN goes far beyond simply playing your chosen sport. Joint he Sport and Well being weekly activities, mentored by the Nigerian’s elite coaches to keep fit and find the healthy spot in your study and life balance.

The Sports Centre offers a court suitable for volleyball, basketball and tennis. A swimming pool is also available at the Sapele campus, as well as are tennis and basketball courts. Also an on-campus 1,500 seats capacity international venue for football and track and field athletics facilities is also available at the Ibuso campus – come an a kick a football around – who knows you may even meet a Supper Eagle on the pitch!

Elite Athletic Scholarships
If you are serious about sports, the University funds talented students and Sport Ambassadors through the Elite Athletic Scholarship scheme.

Clubs and Societies

It is a great chance to discover a new talent and make friends. ADUN financially support more than 20 clubs and societies which are entirely organized by students, indicatively they include Athletics, Basketball, Dance, Debating, Enterprise, Football, Fitness, Judo and self-defense, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Literacy and Mass Media, Photography, international and European cookery to name but a few.

Student money advice
The Money Advice Team offers confidential advice and support from experienced advisers. If you have money worries the advisers are able to give you general advice on budgeting and will point you toward alternative sources of funding that may be available.

Medical Centre

The staff at the University’s Medical Centre are able to provide students with a caring and confidential service on a wide range of medical matters.