The Registrar of Admiralty University of Nigeria (ADUN) – Commodore Isaac Mankilik PhD (Rtd) on behalf of the Vice Chancellor (VC), Prof. Paul Omojo Omaji presented Certificates of Participation to over 27 entrepreneurs during the University’s first Entrepreneurship Workshop.

The Workshop, which was held on Saturday 13th of November, 2021 in Collaboration with 360 Capacity Builders (a group of concerned Nigerians bridging the skills gap, building people and ICT skills), exposed participants to basic knowledge needed to grow their businesses/ideas. Guest Speaker at the workshop was Chukwuka Osumili, SSA to the Governor of Delta State on Wealth Creation.

While addressing participants, the VC strongly emphasized the need for young Entrepreneurs to first work on their mindset if they must be successful. He said:

“Your head, your heart and your hand must work together. If your head is not correct and your heart is not in the right direction, you will put your hand in the wrong things.”

Congratulations to the University’s Entrepreneurship Unit, and all participants who had the opportunity to learn from mentors and experts in different endeavours. Indeed the Workshop was Epic and the purpose for gathering the participants was achieved.

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