ADUN Organizes Training Session for Registry Staff/ANUPA Chapter Inauguration

ADUN Organizes Training Session for Registry Staff/ANUPA Chapter Inauguration

Admiralty University of Nigeria Organizes Training Session for Registry Staff as ANUPA Chapter is Inaugurated.

The Admiral Dele Ezeoba Multi-purpose Hall buzzed with activity as the Admiralty University of Nigeria (ADUN) hosted a one-day training session on capacity building for registry staff.

ANUPA Chapter Inauguration

To honor the inauguration of the ADUN chapter of the Association of Nigerian University Professional Administrators (ANUPA), key national officials of the association, led by the National President, were present.

Welcome Remarks and Opening Ceremony

On behalf of Commodore Isaac Mankilik, the University Registrar, Mr. Gideon F. Orhewere, the branch chairman, welcomed guests. He delivered a brief address welcoming the ANUPA officials and the acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dili Ofuokwu, who was ably represented by Professor Boniface Ijeh. Professor Ijeh then declared the ceremony open.

Keynote Address and Training Overview

Dr. Victor Mkwuma Bem, ANUPA National President, delivered the keynote address. He encouraged the registry staff to actively participate in the training, highlighting the valuable knowledge they would gain. After his speech, a group photograph was taken.

Workshop Introduction

Miss Bimpe Omoyiwola, Deputy Registrar Establishment, provided a workshop preview. She emphasized the critical role of the registry, describing it as the “hub and driving engine” of any institution. Miss Omoyiwola pointed out the significant changes in filing systems compared to the 1990s. She encouraged the staff to take advantage of the training, which was designed to equip them with the latest knowledge gained.


Understanding Administration and Administrative Procedures – Mr. Kingsley O. Aduga
Mr. Aduga defined administration as the process of creating and implementing rules, regulations, and policies for the daily operations of an organization. He elaborated on the various aspects of administration, including establishing structures, developing policies, and so on. He also explained the elements of administration, such as planning, organizing, and directing. He emphasized the importance of hierarchy in communication within an organization. In his closing remarks, Mr. Aduga advised the registry staff to consistently follow instructions and maintain ethical conduct in their work. He addressed questions raised by the staff for clarification.

Engaging 21st-Century ICT Tools for Effective Administration – Mr. Sylvester Ebhonu
Mr. Sylvester introduced the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and explored its potential applications in the daily operations of the registry staff. He addressed common misconceptions about AI, highlighting its advantages and limitations. He provided examples of AI applications in various fields, including medicine, music, and education. Mr. Sylvester concluded by emphasizing the importance of providing clear prompts to AI tools in order to receive accurate and helpful results. He addressed questions from the audience before concluding his presentation.

Effective Documentation System – Mr. Moses Ekwe Uduma
Mr. Moses defined the concept of an effective documentation system and emphasized its importance in daily work. He explained the process of document pagination, which involves separating documents into pages and assigning them unique numbers.

Closing Remarks

Mrs. Nweke Florence, Principal Assistant Registrar to the Vice Chancellor, expressed gratitude to the ANUPA President and his association for establishing the ADUN chapter. She also thanked the guest speakers and the audience for their time and commitment. Finally, she encouraged the staff to actively implement the knowledge gained during the training session.

Makut Alfred Mashat
Public Relations Officer
Admiralty University of Nigeria.

ADUN Management meeting with ANUPA officials