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the authors found that women whose tumours scored low on the genetic test appeared to gain little or no advantage from caf chemotherapy added to tamoxifen, while those with higher scores the using software is trial version.

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another case report showed a baby with congenital cranio-facial defects, who was exposed to cocaine, marijuana, and a bone scan along with tamoxifen during fetal development.

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and yes i have constant leg pains, especillay in the thighs, sometimes i wake up with very sore thighs, inner and outer, i keep thinking it s the yoga and pilates, but the oncologist did say that the tamoxifen does cause stiffness in joints, it s such a hateful drug and i ll can say it better being doing it s job and not interfere with my weight.

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the only types of foods that interact with tamoxifen are soy-containing products.

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after my lumpectomy and chemotherapy treatment i was advised to take tamoxifen for the five years.

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